1. Can I rent at any time of the year, and just a car ?

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You can rent independently at any time to suit you and freely drive on your own or choose to rent to attend a particular event at the given date. Most city centers are however off limits; rental recommended from April to June and from Septermber to November.

2. Can I rent a car with a group of friends ?

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You can rent alone, as a couple, with a group of friends, or as a club or company.

3. Are drivers and guides drivers available as well ?

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You can rent with a driver should you prefer. We can also arrange guided tours, accompanied by experienced tour guides, Japanese or English speaking.

4. Could I have my wedding arranged or by travelling planned ?

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We also consider any other requests you may have, such as attend a particular event, organize your wedding, fully book your stay in Italy or even plan a surprise for you or your friend.

5. Would I be on my own to seek assistance in case of an emergency ?

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Cars are fitted with a satellite tracking system and an onboard emergency push button for road assistance.

6. How do I drive around and reach the place I want to visit ?

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Cars will be delivered with a personalized roadbook should you choose one of the suggested itineraries; an onboard electronic routing device may be supplied upon request.

7. Is it possible to take delivery of a car at a certain event ?

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Yes it is. The online booking module allows you to submit to us all your requirements; we will carefully evaluate them and reply to you as soon as possible with a clear description of services and costs by e-mail inclusive of a draft contract for you to read.

8. How does the booking of a car work exactly ?

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Upon receipt of your booking reconfirmation by e-mail you will receive our final OK and bank details for payment, which to be made in advance by bank transfer.