"Alfa is a unique way of living and feeling a car. There is no definition that explains what Alfa really is. You can compare it with those irrational emotions that sometimes the human spirit has for which it is impossible to find a logical explanaion. We are in the domain of feelings, passion, of things that are closer to a man's heart than his brain."

Orazio Satta Puliga



Classic Alfa Rental is newly established and offers classic Alfa Romeo cars for rent in Italy, especially to japanese “alfisti” but not only.

The founder of the business, Andrea Angeletti, is himself an Alfa Romeo enthusiast which grew up in Japan and learned to drive in Tokyo on an Alfa Romeo 2000 model year 1972.

We are second to none in passion and enthusiasm towards Alfa Romeo cars, for advice about visiting automotive and motorsport sites and joining vintage events in Italy by road, and off the beaten trails.

We pride ourselves of our attention to detail in preparing the suggested itineraries and proposing events, driving schools,  hotels or other.

Our guides are fluent in japanese and english, friendly, experienced and of both japanese and italian nationality.

On our guided tours, special requests or wedding events they are there to look after you and ensure that you have an enjoyable time.