General Terms and Conditions

Classic Alfa Rental rents classic Alfa Romeo cars for self drive.  The rental service may be integrated upon request of the customer with additional services as described on the web site www.classiclafarental.com.  All services finally chosen will be detailed in the individual offers & contracts.  Classic Alfa Rental wishes to make the rental of our cars a most enjoyable experience and the booking process as easy as possible.  In order to protect both parties and to avoid disappointment it is essential that you acquaint yourself with our terms and conditions in order to ensure everything goes smoothly before, during and after your rental.

Classic Alfa Rental Terms and Conditions

Classic Alfa Rental reserves the right to refuse to rent any vehicle at its sole discretion.

The agreement between the customer and Classic Alfa Rental  is a contract subject to Italian Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Rome.

A. Driving Requirements

Drivers must:

  1. Have held a driving licence for not less than 2 years and to be currently valid for driving in Italy.
  2. Be aged between 25 and 75 years inclusive.
  3. Consent to verification of information provided to us diretly or via any other source.
  4. Provide a security deposit at the time of hire. This will be in the form of a credit card for which we will obtain a pre-authorized code for the surety amount.

This will cover any excess due on the insurance policy should an accident or damage occur or will offset any additional charges due in respect of items not covered by our insurance including; damage to tyres, clutch or wheels. Other additional charges will be incurred if the vehicle is returned with a gasoline tank not filled up. If no additional charges are due the security deposit will be returned in full to Customer.

  1. Provide a photographic form of identification, in addition to original driving licence (e.g. passport) and the other must identify the driver’s permanent residence. Copies must be provided at the time of booking and originals must be available on the day of hire.
  2. Consent to records being held in order that we can apprise the Driver of our other offers and services.
  3. Be responsible for any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses imposed on us arising from the use of the vehicle during the rental period, except insofar that the court action is the fault of Classic Alfa Rental.
  4. Use all security devices fitted to or otherwise made available for the safekeeping of the vehicle and follow all recommendations in verbal and written form given at the time of delivery.
  5. Comply with the Italian Road Code and all laws pertaining to the local traffic regulations while using the vehicle.
  6. Indemnify Classic Alfa Rental in the event of any parking fines and/or loss of earnings while the vehicle is immobilized as a result of the fault of the Driver.
  7. Be fit to drive and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst using the vehicle. Drugs shall be deemed to include any medication, prescribed or not, which on the written advice of the supplier may cause drowsiness.
  8. Report any accident or theft to Classic Alfa Rental immediately and make all best efforts to minimize and avoid damages or potential damages.
  9. Inform Classic Alfa Rental immediately of any fault or failure of a component part of the vehicle.
  10. Sign a copy of the rental contract.

B. Customer Requirements

Customers Must:

  1. Provide a deposit at the time of receiving the booking confirmation to secure the vehicle of choice. The amount will vary in accordance with total cost of the rental and any other additional chosen services but will be not less than 25% of the total rental price. The balance of rental price is to be received by Classic Alfa Rental within 20 working days prior to commencement of the rental period.
  2. Pay the full amount in respect of a Gift Voucher at the time of purchase.
  3. Consent to verification of information provided to us directly or via any other source.
  4. Consent to records being held in order that we can apprise Customer of our other offers and services.
  5. Give at least 30 days notice of cancellation for which no charge will be incurred. Notice received less that 30 days from date of rental will incur 50% rental charge in accordance with the cost of the total rental price.
  6. Use Gift Vouchers within a twelve (12) month period from date of issue. Gift Vouchers are transferable for both Drivers (provided criteria of Driving Requirements under A is met) and vehicle but no refund shall be due in respect of unused Gift Vouchers.
  7. Be responsible for their personal property left in the vehicle. We will not be liable for any loss or damage unless it can be shown to be the result of our negligence.
  8. A booking via the website booking form will be folllowed by an e-mail confirmation  from Classic Alfa Rental which will include payment instructions.  The rental and any additional services will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

C. Vehicle Restrictions

  1. Vehicles are never to be left unlocked or insecure while unattended. All security devices that are provided must have been in use while unattended.  As far as reasonably feasable vehicles must be garaged overnight.
  2. Reckless driving  in a manner likely to cause personal injury, damage to the vehicle or any third party is to be avoided at all times.
  3. Driving the vehicle in an unroadworthy condition is to be avoided at all times. The vehicle is provided to you in good roadworthy order but if should it become unroadworthy it must not be used on the public roads. You should immediately inform Classic Alfa Rental of the circumstance and we will arrange for rectification of the cause by ourselves or a third party as far as possible. Compensation in the form of partial refund and / or future rental is available in the event of a breakdown unattributable to the Customer / Driver.
  4. Driving outside of Italy is not allowed under any circumstances.
  5. Vehicles are delivered clean and fully fit for safe use with a full tank of gasoline and may be fitted with additional equipment / devices to the benefit of the Customer / Driver.  Additional charges may be applied should devices be damaged or be missing upon the vehicles return.

Vehicle must be:

  1. Returned to Classic Alfa Rental in an undamaged condition and containing a full tank of gasoline of the correct type for that vehicle,together with all equipment / devices provided with the vehicle at the time of rental including keys, security devices, electronic maps and toolkit. Failure to do so will incur in additional charges.

Vehicle is:

  1. Rented for successive periods of 24 hours only (ie no half days or rental per hour), unless otherwise agreed with Classic Alfa Rental and may be collected from the designated or otherwise agreed location. Failure to return on time may result in an additional rental period being charged. Tariffs applicable at the time of booking. Hire may be extended always subject to availability
  2. Fitted with satelite tracking and emergency call device for road assistance.
  3. Subject to availability. In the event of mechanical breakdown or circumstances beyond our control whereby the car of your choice is unavailable Classic Alfa Rental will immediately contact the Customer and arrange to provide either a substitute vehicle for the original hire period or an alternative date for the chosen vehicle.
  4. Available subject to no adverse weather conditions. Should Classic Alfa Rental deem weather conditions to be unsuitable or dangerous you may choose to arrange an alternative date for hire or receive full refund.
  5. Covered by fully comprehensive motor third party insurance including road assistance.  Direct damages to the vehicle are responsability of the customer.
  6. Provided with a full tank of gasoline.
  7. Winter time road restrictions / regulations in certain areas may not allow car rental in some parts of the year.  Recommended months are from April to June and from September to November.  Major city and town regulations do not allow circulation in city centers.